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Services - Valuations

Value plays an ever-increasing role in the present economical market.
Whether a business insures itself, is issued credit, makes an acquisition or reports to its shareholders, knowledge of the value of the assets is always an essential aspect.

TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES appraises a company's fixed assets, both movable and immovable, for the following purposes: insurance, credit applications, sales & acquisitions, takeovers - mergers - management succession, balance sheets (IAS/IFRS), (SOX), etc.

In the world of professional real estate, TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES is also assuming a more prominent place.

The government, financers, investors, fund-managers - they're all calling on TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES ' services as an independent expert in greater and greater numbers. TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES  never acts as a broker, which means there will never be a conflict of interest in the execution of its duties.