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Damage! What next?

Damage due to fire, water, lightning or a storm always comes unexpected. If you unexpectedly become a victim suffering damages, estimating the damage is just one of the concerns you will have to deal with.

In a very short time decisions, which are of crucial importance for the reconstruction of your home, the restart of your company or for the continuity of services, have to be taken.

Urgent rescue measures, temporary housing, security, demolition & disposal are important aspects to take into account, as well as the search for temporary solutions and communication towards customers, suppliers and other parties involved.


Your loss assessor ensures balance

In the event of damage, you are entitled to assistance from your own loss assessor. This ensures balance: an equal position for all parties involved.  After all, the reimbursing party will also be assisted by his loss assessor.

Your own loss assessor is your partner, who advises and guides you through the complex settlement process.

Appointing your own loss assessor is not a sign of distrust towards the insurer. On the contrary, in fact: almost all insurance companies realise that an insured needs expert assistance after a calamity. That is why the insurance policy reimburses all or part of the loss adjuster’s costs for the claimant.



Troostwijk is an independent Expertise Agency that acts completely autonomous. This means that from an unbiased perspective, we act as your technical adviser only.

At your side

Your own loss assessor assists you at all times and conducts the negotiations towards the insurance company and/or responsible third parties. They advise you on substantiating and determining the damage and the scope of the claim in view of optimal compensation.

Your loss assessor

In addition to their architectural & insurance-technical knowledge, our loss assessors also have the necessary negotiating skills so that they meet most of the professional requirements in our sector.

Our loss assessors also have various accreditations “RICS, GEBCAI, FUEDI, …” which underlines their professional qualifications and which is quite exceptional in our sector.


The fees of your loss assessor are in most cases partially or fully reimbursed by the insurance companies.

Available 24/7

Have you suffered any damage? We are there for you 24/7.

Our approach

Damage reporting

Immediately after reporting the damage to your insurer or insurance broker, the latter quickly assigns an insurance company’s loss assessor, who will come on site.

Damage assessment

In these circumstances you need a correct assessment. The situation after a calamity/emergency is complex for you as a victim, with which you – as a layman – have no experience.

What to expect?

Troostwijk-Roux Expertises has an extensive team of expert loss assessors. They deal with a wide range of claims on a daily basis. They draw up a plan of action and supervise the entire claim process until a final claim is determined.

As quickly as possible!

In order to obtain the optimum value from your own loss assessor, it is essential to call in the loss assessor  during or immediately after the damage incident.

In the first stages, decisions can be made on the most appropriate measures to limit the damage, as well as decisions on which emergency measures (such as temporary accommodation) must be put into place straight away.

Open dialogue

Troostwijk –Roux Expertises always strives for an open dialogue with all parties involved, in order to solve problems related to the suffered damage as quickly and effectively as possible.

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