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Risk profile

Business valuations are of strategic importance for organisations. At Troostwijk-Roux Expertises, we understand the influence of tangible and intangible assets on the risk profile and future returns.

Whether it is a takeover, financing, financial restructuring, etc., our valuers know what they are talking about.


Strategic and financial decisions

Our business valuations can be used for tax purposes, among others, and play an important role in mergers and acquisitions and in the preparation of annual accounts, investment transactions, rental and leasing transactions, financing and expropriation issues.

Valuation of Real Property and Personal Property

 What you can contact us for:

  • the valuation of any type of commercial property such as office, retail, commercial and/or industrial property.
  • the valuation of residential property, land and operationally related property.
  • the valuation of any type of office, shop or business inventory.
  • the valuation of inventories, industrial production lines and installations.


An independent and objective value judgment

As market leader, Troostwijk-Roux Expertises values all kinds of companies and institutions. As an independent and objective valuer, we carry out valuations all over the world.

A trusted partner

Troostwijk-Roux Expertises is one of the most experienced valuation offices in Belgium. So you know for sure that Troostwijk-Roux Expertises is the right company to turn to for a valuation of your assets. You choose for Troostwijk-Roux Expertises? Then you choose for a reliable valuer.

Experienced and skilled valuers

Our valuers are registered and/or certified with RICS, REV, TEGOVA, etc. …  Each year they participate in continuous education programs through external and in-house trainings.

Combined valuations

Thanks to the wide range of specialist knowledge available within the company, Troostwijk-Roux Expertises can offer combined valuations that are virtually unique. For example, it is possible to carry out a valuation of both Real Property and Personal Property for business purposes. We also offer a package in which an insurance valuation is combined with a valuation for business purposes.

Wide-ranging expertise

Over the years, we have built up broad expertise in the business valuation of commercial Real Property and Personal Property. These include industrial complexes, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, property portfolios (offices and residential property), golf courses and healthcare-related property.

Focus on research

Research is at the heart of Troostwijk-Roux Expertises. The Research department carries out ongoing research into economic trends and developments within various property markets. Troostwijk-Roux Expertises employs specialised data analysts who produce accurate analyses and make an important contribution to knowledge sharing.

Our approach


After the purpose, valuation basis and reporting format of a valuation assignment have been identified, the financial component and the execution period are discussed. Upon our Principal’s approval, the valuation process is started.

Valuation system

Troostwijk-Roux Expertises uses valuation systems that have been developed in-house and which provide optimal support for our work. By developing these systems ourselves, we have been able to equip our systems with all the tools and calculation models that are required to make the valuation process as efficient as possible.


Our valuers carefully record the specifications required for an analysis and value judgment. Based on, among other things, the property characteristics, value-influencing factors, research and market knowledge of our valuers, we substantiate a valuation which is recorded in a report.

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