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Risk management

By providing insight into all risks and offering practical solutions, we work every day to prevent large-scale damage. We are not tied to any insurer or third party, so our independent service provision is purely aimed at a risk inspection and analysis, with the risk object being central.


Why to assess

During a risk inspection, our risk assessors review, inspect and assess all parts and processes of a company that could potentially cause damage. Our findings are then incorporated into a report, detailing the problems, and giving advice on how they can be resolved.



As market leader, Troostwijk-Roux Expertises inspects for all conceivable companies and authorities. As an independent and objective expert, we carry out inspections throughout Belgium.


Troostwijk-Roux Expertises guarantees reliable and current reports that meet the acceptance criteria of the insurers.

Knowledge of industries

We are active in all industries of insurers, intermediaries, municipalities, and SMEs. Our risk assessors have extensive knowledge and experience in all these segments.


Opting for a full scan provides you with a complete overview of risk factors; these reports are very suitable for SMEs.

If you opt for a quick scan, you opt for a concise report intended for SMEs with an annual turnover of up to 2 million euro. The results of this type of scan are processed electronically.

Fire insurance

In our reports we describe all relevant risks, protection levels, … These reports can be used for the drawing up of your fire insurance policy.

Our approach


After the purpose and reporting format of an assignment have been determined, the financial component and the delivery deadline are discussed. Following approval from the principal, the risk inspection process is started.


Our risk assessor will visit the company, starting with an administrative intake followed by a tour of the company. During the tour, access is required to all buildings, including the technical areas. Our work will end with a wrap-up in which any points for improvement/recommendations will be discussed.

Intricate inspections

When it comes to intricate risk inspections, Troostwijk-Roux Expertises makes use of the expertise and services of its subsidiary Troostwijk | BvT.


A risk assessment can be carried out in several reporting models. There is a choice between a full-scan based on a comprehensive analysis or a quick scan.

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