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Services - Loss assessment

TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES  also operates as a private assessor, which means that we undertake the negotiations with the loss-adjuster appointed by the insurers for, on behalf of and with the client. In practice, it is evident that the outcome of a claims settlement is not simply determined by the contract stipulations; the quality of the parties assessing the claims is also critically important. Knowledge of the terms of the policy and experience in applying them to actual loss situations plays a decisive role in a speedy and satisfactory claims settlement.

Within TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES, an expert and experienced team of loss assessors appraise damage to buildings, technical installations, machinery and other operational contents, production goods and trade stock.

Our experienced business interruption assessors advise the insured with respect to the possible scenarios, as well as their practical, technical and financial consequences for the calculation of loss.

We, in consultation with the insured, gauge the extent and application or execution of the repair, clean-up, demolition and clearance work with the insurer's adjusters.

TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES   inventories and calculates the extent of the various claims components and, after coordination with the insured, TROOSTWIJK-ROUX EXPERTISES   discusses the content with the insurer's adjusters. The aim of this is to reach an agreement as quickly as possible, so that the insurer will proceed to pay out.

The quicker you enlist our services after a damage or loss is suffered, the better our assessors can, together with you, steer the loss settlement in the right direction. Should you wish to utilize our services, we are available 24 hours a day at + 070 233 880.